The V9 Native Bee Box

About the V9 Native Bee Box

THE nice thing about native bees is the fact they are very low maintenance, they don’t swarm, and they don’t STING!

Once you buy a hive you can ‘love them and leave them’ or you can harvest honey and the cerumen once or twice a year by removing the ‘super’ at the top of your Hive Haven V9. View Our V9 Bee Box Here.

The V9 native bee box is a huge industry shift in regards to function, appearance and features. The design enables a variety of insulation to be used depending on the temperature and geographical region. 

The Hive Haven V9 has the following features

The hexagonal shape is designed to mimic a natural tree log. The Hive Haven V9 has four ventilation holes which enables the native bee to regulate temperature and air flow. The bees have the option to open and close the holes when they need too. The Hive Haven V9 is manufactured from recyclable plastic that won’t rot or require painting. The eduction/budding hole and connector pipe provides the opportunity to propagate a new colony without having to physically open the hive to ‘split’ the brood.

Trial Sites

We thank our trial sites, scientists, engineers and general public who have volunteered their time and resources to build the Hive Haven stingless native bee box. We have built a box that’s easy to use whilst providing a holistic approach to the care and safety of Australian stingless native bees.  You are welcome to check out our V9 Beebox at a number of display sites. For locations click here.


Where to place your Hive Haven V9


  • The V9 needs to be out of direct sunlight by 11.00am onwards.
  • Place your hive in a sheltered position where it will be protected from the afternoon sun.
  • Placing your hive near large areas of concrete will increase heat mass. Grass is a better choice.
  • Provide a clear flight path for your bees.


  • It is very important that your V9 receives morning sun. All day sun is ideal.
  • Provide a clear flight path for your bees.


  • When moving your hive between Summer & Winter locations – it is important not to move more than 1 metre at a time. Please allow the bees a few days re-orientate themselves in between each move.

Heat Waves

  • A major problem affecting native bees is heat stress. This was evident during the January 2014 heat waves when significant numbers of Australian native bee colonies died in Queensland & NSW.
  • Please adhere to our Summer & Winter instructions to ensure your colony is safe & happy!

Our Supporters

In 2015 when we were starting out Hutchinson Builders helped us out with 10 security stands to get us up and running. We recently returned to install a Hive Haven V9 at Hutchinson’s Headquarters Brisbane. It was lovely to meet Scott Hutchinson who explained the historical significance of native bees to the area.  

Jesse from Hutchinson’s installed the first stand for us in 2015 at the University of the Sunshine Coast – Brasserie Garden Court. The hive and stand was later moved to the R-Block Garden Courtyard at the Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, Brisbane.  


Dotmar Plastics assisted with the design and machining of the Hive Haven prototypes (version 4 to 8).

We are very proud to manufacture the award winning Hive Haven V9 on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. We thank Paul and his team at OzziKleen for enabling us to develop our roto-moulded design which is capable of being insulated with either a soft or liquid insulator.

We have won small but significant awards for bee hive innovation and technology. The most recent was in December 2920 at the Australian Native Bee Conference where we took out the top spot for the most ‘effective-innovative’ native bee box. It was a huge honour to pitch to Dr Cristiano Menezes who works for the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. Cristiano complimented us on our work to alleviate hive overheating associated with increasing heat waves.


Ready to have your very own Hive Haven Bee Box?