If I buy an empty hive will bees come to it?

Native worker bees do scout around for new nest locations (brick walls, possom boxes, logs, meter boxes etc). When they find a good spot the colony will raise a virgin queen and escort her the the new hive. This is called a ‘daughter’ hive. It is thought that the ‘mother’ hive continues to support the ‘daughter hive for up to two years.

What is native hive budding?

Native bee hive ‘budding’ provides the opportunity to propogate a new colony without having to physically open the hive to ‘split’ the brood. The Hive Haven V9 enables you to attach a ‘budding pipe’ from the existing (mother) hive to an empty hive. Over a period of months the bees will build an additional hive in the new (daughter) box. Once the second hive is established the two boxes are separated.

The mother hive has to ‘bee’ strong and well established.


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