Native Bee Hive (with bees)

$825.00 inc GST



 hive assembly (with bees) $825 inc gst

Sorry but we can’t commit to taking orders for hives (with bees) at the moment. You are welcome to email us and we will add you to our waiting list. We are contracting local native bee keepers to populate hives for us. It will take time for us to build up a steady supply of native bees.


Colony Native Bees – we promise to supply you with a healthy hive with a laying queen. If your hive dies we will replace it, on return of the dead hive. We guarantee our hives in a heatwave up to 45C. We don’t guarantee a colony that receives direct sunlight after 10am between the warmer months of October to March. We don’t guarantee a hive that is opened to harvest honey or propolis from the brood chamber. We don’t guarantee a hive if the insulation is removed or altered.