Native Bee Hive (without bees)

$385.00 inc GST



native bee hive assembly (introductory price) $385 inc gst

THE nice thing about native bees is the fact they are very low maintenance, they don’t swarm, and they don’t STING!

Once you buy a hive you can ‘love them and leave them’ or you can harvest honey and the cerumen once or twice a year by removing the ‘super’ at the top of your Hive Haven hive.

BACKGROUND – Three years ago we identified a ‘real need’ to design a hive assembly that would reduce the mortality rate of Australian stingless native bees.

TRIAL SITES – We thank our trial sites, scientists, engineers and general public who have volunteered their time and resources to build the Hive Haven stingless native bee hive. We have built a native bee box that’s easy to use whilst providing a holistic approach to the care and safety of bees.

The Hive Haven V9 has the following features

  • Hexagonal shape to mimic a natural tree log.
  • Alleviates hive overheating (up to 45 degrees).
  • Maintains a stable temperature – encourages bees to forage for longer periods over winter.
  • Food grade honey harvesting with minimum disturbance to the bees via 3D printed honey trays.
  • Manufactured from recyclable plastic, that won’t rot or require painting.
  • Impervious to spore based disease.
  • Ventilation holes x 4 enable the bees to regulate temperature and air flow. We have built the box to mimic a tree log. The bees have the option to seal the holes when they need too.
  • Our ‘budding’ hole provides the opportunity for you to ‘bud’ a new hive without having to physically open the hive to ‘split’ the brood. The Hive Haven V9 enables you to attach a ‘budding pipe’ from the existing hive to an empty hive. Over a period of months the bees will build an additional hive in the new box. Once the second hive is established the two boxes are separated.

Our GUARANTEE – 20 year replacement guarantee against manufacturing faults (roto-moulded parts). Returns accepted on unused goods – 30 day money back.