European Honey Bee Nucleus Hive

$180.00 inc GST



European Honey Bee Nucleus Hive $180  inc GST

Nucleus hives are a young colony of European bees.


Nucleus hive – European Honey Bee. We  promise to supply you with a healthy young colony of European Bees. Each nucleus hive contains a laying fertile queen, 2 frames of disease free brood and 2 frames of honey.  If your nucleus hive dies we will replace it, on return of the dead nucleus hive. We don’t guarantee a nucleus hive that is placed in an environment subject to poisonous garden, horticultural or agricultural sprays.

  • Each Nuc includes a fertile laying queen, two frames of brood and two frames of honey.
  • Each Nuc can be inspected at pick-up by the buyer (bring your protective gear) the queens are not marked.
  • We can raise a nucleus colony in your box or we can lend you one of ours. We charge $30 bond which is refunded when you return the clean empty nuc box (within 4 weeks).