We’re very excited to be an EvokeAG Startup Alley 2020 Finalist. We will showcase the Hive Haven V9 Native Bee Box along side 38 international & local agricultural startups. This is a huge ‘deal’ for us with big thanks to the Agrifutures Judging Panel. EvokeAG is the Asia Pacific’s largest agrigood tech event bringing together innovators from across the region and around the world. 

Looking back down the fence, in 2014 we embarked on a journey to build a native bee box that would keep our native bees cool during increasing heat waves. With support from the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast we 3D printed a hexagonal concept hive at the Lab of Awesome – University of the Sunshine Coast. This was the first of many pro-types using different materials and manufacturing techniques. We greatly appreciate the help from Dotmar Plastics who assisted with the design and machining of prototypes (version 4 to 8). We thank Hutchinson Builders for supplying 10 display stands which enabled us to put each version on public display. Hundreds of people spotted the native bee box. They gave us heaps of tips and ideas on how to improve the design and insulation properties. Every idea & suggestion has helped thank you. FAST forward to 2019 – and we’re on the market. We manufacture the Hive Haven V9 in Queensland at Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste & 3D print our hive accessories in-house.

We’re into our second season of native bee honey harvesting. If your attending EvokeAG please visit our table. We’d love to meet you and  we’ll have plenty of native honey tastings on hand.  

The highlight of 2019 was taking out the top spot for most ‘effective-innovative’ native bee box at the 2nd Australian Native Bee Conference. It was a huge honour to pitch to judge – Dr Cristiano Menezes who traveled from Brazil to present on the Brazilian Native Bee Industry. Cristiano works for the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation comlimented us on our work to alleviate hive overheating associated with increasing heat waves. 

Hive Haven was honoured to be announced a 2019 Finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards & The Queensland Community Achievement Award (top three for Innovative Agriculture).

We’re attempting to ‘bud’ the two hives at Australian Parliament House, Canberra ACT. Hive Haven Native Honey is available for sale in the APH Gift Shop. 


Inside Small Business Magazine – Top 50 Business Leaders 2018 (Hive Haven)

Grow Coastal 2018 participant – 12 week program

100 Faces Recipient – Queensland State Government (image includes QCamel)

GFIA ‘Global Forum for Innovative Agriculture’ GFIA 5-6 Feb Abu-Dhabi. Big thanks to the Abu-Dhabi Food Authority for sponsoring our visit. It was a great honour thankyou.


Valley Bees – Open Day 2017 – Hive Haven V9 Stingless Native Bee Hive Launch

(photo supplied: Steve Flavel,

Regional Flavours – 2017 – Master Chef George Calombaris & Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre cooking with both our ‘Native Gold’ and Hive Haven ‘Bush Honey’.


Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show

2019 – Grand Champion (118 entries)

2018 – Two Firsts (Light Honey, Medium Honey)

2017 – Grand Champion (109 entries)

2016 – Three Firsts (Light Honey, Wax and Dark Honey)


Councillor Jenny McKay 2017  – Sunshine Coast Council collaborative project with FAN Sunshine Coast Food & Agricultural Network


Native Plants Sunshine Coast display events 2017


Logan Art Gallery ‘Bee Mindful Exhibition’ curated by Sandra Conte 2017


Pitch to Queensland Chief Entrepreneur in residence 2017 – Mark Sowerby and other Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast events

 IC Incubator Graduation - 16.5.16

Queensland Small Business Week 2017 – Hive Haven was proud to represent the Sunshine Coast


Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Awards – Winner 2016

raca16-winner-badge         qld-regional-achievement-and-community-awards-2016

Advanced Queensland Summit 2016 – Matt Golinski cooking with Hive Haven stingless native bee honey ‘Native Gold’

 Matt Golinski - HH stingless native honey - Advance Qld Summit 2016    

Company Awards and Initiatives

2019 – Australian Native Bee Conference ‘Most Effective/Innovative’ Native Bee Box

2019 – Queensland Regional Achievement Award Finalist (Innovative Agriculture

2019 – Sunshine Coast Business Award Finalist (Agribusiness)

2019 – Show Champion Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show (European Honey)

2019 – Queensland AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Finalist (top three)

2018 – Listed in ‘Top 50 Australian Business Leaders of 2018’ by the Australian Small Business

2017 – Show Champion Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show (European Honey)

2017 – Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Award Finalist – Innovative Agriculture

2016 – Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Award Winner – Trade & Career

2015 – Sunshine Coast Business Awards – SMART Product & Service Award


Talking with our Local, State and Federal pollies about the importance of #Bees


Sunshine Coast Bee Keepers Group – Winner ‘Best Honey in the World’ Competition 2016

WP_20160625_11_05_44_Pro Honey Comp 2015

Other events

HH native bees at USC 16.2.16    Jeeah 2016  



Greenden – ‘Protecting Australian Native Bees From Heatwaves’ Andrea Hoymann


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Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur – Building a commercial future for Australian Stingless Native Bees

Hive Haven – all about being cool – Trade Investment Queensland

Sunshine Coast Hive Haven making a beeline towards overseas markets – Regional Development Australia (Sunshine Coast)

New hive protects stingless native bees against heatwaves – Jennifer Nichols – ABC Rural

Coast honey company’s backyard bee hive dream -Matty Goldsworth 10 Oct 2017

Hive Haven Wins Major Award – Glasshouse Country News Page 11

9 new Sunshine Coast Business Foodies Will Love – Nicky Moffat – Noosa News

‘Community in overdrive on Bee Super Highway’ Hutchinsons Builders Page 14

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