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We are urban Beekeepers

Not all honey is the same, not all bees are the same, and not all bee boxes are the same either.

At Hive Haven we’re focused on delivering a solution to the global decline in the pollination of food crops.

We specialise in BOTH European and Australian stingless native bee products.

Many people would be forgiven for thinking the only bee we have here in Australia is the European honey bee. This bee was actually introduced into Australia in the early 1800s, and produces all the honey we see on our supermarket shelves today.

The stingless native bee was our very first pollinator, sharing this land with the dinosaurs. Their honey has a unique colour, texture and taste. A delight you must sample.

Today the native bee is rapidly gaining a reputation of being an effective pollinator of our food crops and in essence – is the key to our survival.

European Honey Bee

The honey bee (Apis mellifera) produces honey. It plays a vital role in providing crucial pollination services to more than 35 Australian horticultural industries.  The Australian beekeeping industry, although relatively small compared to many other rural industries, has one of the greatest influences on our nation’s food supplies and food security.

European Honey Bee Hives

We farm our bees throughout Glasshouse Country. At Hive Haven we respect our bees and honour their honey through gentle harvesting and 'cold filtering' processing methods. We pride ourselves on 'quality not quantity'.

Australian Stingless Native Bee

We supply stingless native bee hives to schools, corporate, retirement villages and urban gardeners. Stingless native bees are amazing little creatures to share your garden with. They will boost your eco system, pollinate your flowers, vegie patch and fruit trees.

Hive Haven V9 Native Bee Box

Hive Haven is building a commercial future for Australian Stingless Native Bee. We have designed an award winning industry specific hive assembly which is capable of producing a range of Stingless Native Bee products. The design enables a variety of insulation materials to be used depending on temperature and geographical region. The ability to insulate the Hive Haven V9 for both hot and cold climatic conditions means native bees can now survive in areas where previously they would have perished.


HiveHaven produces a range of honey and stingless native bee hive boxes available to purchase online, right here!

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